Ever wanted me to potentially ruin some old songs of mine for you?

I'll be posting up songs I've made that I like in chronological order until I A: Get bored and quit, or B: Make it to modern times where I'm spending more time doing these than writing songs.

I'll let you know when we pass the threshold of highschool Soundcloud demos.

Hurt Can Help (Five Years Old) Bakers (5 Years Old) Ghost's Song (4 Years Old) So It Goes (4 Years Old) Mercy Street (3 Years Old) Extra Puzzle Piece (3 Years Old) Graduation Cheesecake (3 Years Old)

Now we're entering my post-highschool NEET period. I've privated most of the stuff from around then since it was all mostly just mono demos from my phone at the time. I left this one up because it's one of the few I recorded in stereo.

King Mitochondria (1 Year Old)

Anyhoo, that's all the old music of mine that I give a shit about enough to clarify. Some of those songs I might rework and re-release but no promises.