This was my old deviantart page I used to shitpost on as a character named Mike Litorus. If you want to get technical it's my first ARG, so I guess that's something. It's definitely one of the deviantarts of all time. (If you're curious I'm completely ambivalent about Sonic personally. I like watching videos about Chris Chan and I've only ever gotten an hour and a half into the one Sonic game I've played: Sonic Unleashed.)


Want the short and quick of the story? Mike's kid Xanadu gets a traumatic brain injury and decides to make a deviantart account that Mike decides is a good platform to spread his anti-socialist message to today's youth. After forcing his kid to put his message into his art eventually Xanadu starts listening to Eminem and becomes unwieldy enough that Mike takes the account into his own hands. Ah, aren't explained jokes the best?

Once upon a time I made shitpost fanfiction on wattpad under the moniker 'CancermemesJones' where I published three short stories. If you consider 'CancermemesJones' to be a pen name then techically these are my very first published works. What a time to be alive.


Eventually I got into making an ARG about someone making up a religion so they could feel like a credible source of opinion for people. What inspired it was the fact that even if I was trying to make an artistic statement via an ARG everything I was doing could easily be dismissed as quirks of mental illness. I wanted to take the confusion my mental illness brings about in me and make a simulation for it to generate empathy in others. Essentially it's all artistic gaslighting that I'm forcing you to partake in.

Himself Speaks

For this website I wanted to take the concept of not trusting reality to not trusting the author even in reference to other works, because that author could have already lulled you into interacting with another performance art piece just as much as it could be interacting with the quirks of someone's mental illness. Whenever I employ a double meaning I want you to understand viscerally how much incentive I have to keep it ambiguous as to which meaning is more true than the other. Is it because everything is real yet I want to stay safe out of paranoia so I sprinkle red herrings everywhere, or is it that I enter from a lens of fiction inspired by real experience for the sake of immersion?


In other words: Did I actually plan to make a game or did I just talk out of my ass so that I could stay safe while stirring up enough of a buzz from trolling to gain more influence?