What are my politics? Is this political? Are all expressions from a certain lens going to be attributed political context regardless of initial intention? Well, if that's the case then here you go.

Do I personally consider myself a Communist? No, but I do take some influence from Marxism. I believe that the means of production should be taken from the elite, and 'means of production' is pretty much the only buzz term you'll ever catch me using out in the wild outside of 'the state', 'bourgeoisie' and 'proletariat'. It's probably more fair to consider me a sympathizer, so, sadly, no this is not Communist propaganda. 

(Updated) How many genders do I believe there are? Outside of medical circumstances such as prostate exams where it's absolutely relevant such a thing as object gender doesn't exist as far as I'm concerned. Basically, object gender would be a box one would need to check on a paper a handful of times a lifetime for every doctor visit where it happens to be relevant. I've toyed with the idea of labeling object gender based on chromosomal pairings rather than the male and female binary before but by now I've learned that there is a lot more nuance to gender determination than the existance of chromosomes. Should we as a species figure out an easily detectable throughline factor for what determines object gender in humans which can't be made irrelevant through naturally evolving towards other determining factors I argue that we should label our object genders accordingly rather than opting for the current male and female binary.

What is my opinion on copyright? I believe as a whole it is a tool advertised towards the downtrodden as a mercy from the state that 90% of the time has the adverse effect of further disenfranchising them from any chance of living within any semblance of a Meritocracy. Court dates have the requirement of having all involved be capable of operating frivolously with their time and money at the drop of a hat. To expect both by default from a citizen who is middle-class or lower in status is wishful thinking at best. The wealthy elite is well aware of this defect in the copyright system and likes to use any and every opportunity to siphon time, money, and energy from lower class individuals using their sponsorship from the state. In creative fields it appears the only way to protect and sanction the means of production is to release as many works into the public domain as possible before all options in some mediums are exhausted entirely. There are only so many melodies that can be written in twelve tone equal temperament tuning before we snowball into a state of constant lawsuits over cryptomnesia. If someone were to create a learning algorithm that could write every potential melody and every potential chord progression notated and in MIDI to be released into the public domain we may be able to avoid such a situation in the world of music. It's possible there could be a legal precedent in the future about AI learning algorithms not being legitimate composers...but it doesn't exist yet. Take advantage. (Note: Reform is not inherently synonymous with demolishment.)

What do I think of Democracy? I don't hate it. I hate the current expression of it in the modern climate, though. If I were to pick and choose what I liked about the Greek take on Democracy from way way back when it was first conceived of I'd probably change the whole at least thirty year old and male requirement and almost nothing else. Think about it: a population that has philosophical discourses and ultimately decides the goings on through a lump sum vote representing themselves? That sounds a lot like an expression of Socialist practices to me. Is it inherently synonymous with Socialism at that pure, raw form? I'm hesitant to say, but all I know is that I like that take on Democracy more than the Oligarchy disguised as Democracy we have today. To me, the key of cultivating a thriving Pure Democracy is in developing a strong culture of discourse and compassion that values optimization and knowledge. Where in our case the state would be keeping things stable, culture would instead.

Do I like religion? I respect it. I believe that having a higher power is part of the human experience. Having a higher power could mean anything from one's community, one's body as a temple, or one's own cognition even. For me, my higher power is absurdity. To elaborate: Albert Camus once wrote a take on the ancient Greek tale of King Sisyphus that I really resonated with. Sisyphus was a man who cheated death twice and angered the gods for it so he was punished by being forced to roll a boulder up a hill in the depths of Hades for all of eternity, the boulder rolling down from the summit just before it reaches every time. Albert Camus raised the question 'What if Sisyphus defiantly found enjoyment in the rolling of his boulder?' and posited that the story could be metaphorically analagous to the human experience. I took a lot of influence from that notion of approaching life, made a few little addendums here and there, and ended up with my own little framework I'd either like to call Absurdism or Optimistic Nihilism. Looking forward to nothing is absurd. The world is absurd and I exist within it so I will be absurd and act absurdly regardless of intention. I look forward to nothing.

What are my thoughts on Capitalism? To me, capitalism is like having a powerful friend with an antisocial personality disorder. They can't empathize with you and won't be compelled to help you out of compassion, but if you can phrase an idea to them in a way that it makes them feel like it's their own they will genuinely help you out. That person with an antisocial personality disorder lives right next door to you so it is very much either a strategic or base instinct survival move to stay on their good side. A powerful friend, your worst enemy. One comma. If you like your home but don't want to deal with such a person as your neighbor then you need to understand and interact with them at such a core level that you can make the premise of moving away or self destructing seem like their idea. This person is already wise to trickery, as they have performed tricks for a lifetime, so you need to get so good at their game that they see themselves in you. Be wary to not lose sight of yourself and your goals in the process. This section could just be controversy and buzz generation for branding that I'm being cheeky with by telling you to your face. In case my projected demographic has an issue in the future with me making money with my creative endeavors this can function as a preemptive argument that will satiate my demographic enough that they continue to give me money unabashedly. Would you like to purchase an NFT?